The first thing I gave my mother was great pain. I was born in August at Mercy Hospital on a very hot day. Dad said the pain was so excruciating that mom actually bent the bars on the old black iron hospital bed. At the age of 2 it was thought that I had leukemia and the folks spent money on what they thought would be my last pictures, once again I pulled through because of a misdiagnosis. The consequence was they had spent the full budget on my growing up pictures and no money was available until I graduated, I was even asked to step aside during family portraits. Mom was my inspiration, she taught us not only by words but by deed. She turned 4 "Sons of Satan" into angelic, respectable young men, well at least 3 out of 4. She taught us that the material things in life were the least important, that the things we couldn't see but felt, such as love, respect, caring, understanding and forgiveness would always be our greatest assets. It's funny how we all had the best moms in the Universe yet they were different people. The one thing that we as men have never achieved is Motherhood, I think the creator reserved that responsibility for women for good reason...Happy Mother's Day and on behalf of us ungrateful, spoiled kids we love you, in some cases miss you and are always in need of the power carried by your smile and a little hug. Thanks MOM!

It's Mental Health Month, my guest today on Mel in the Morning. at 9:15 am will be Lisa Heddens, Director of N.A.M.I. in Story County. Give a listen and see the challenges they are facing.