By Walden Pool

I know it's not the serene setting that Henry David Thoreau enjoyed at Walden Pond but this is my summer place of serenity. As we begin the assembling of our summer refuge this weekend I will meticulously check our inflatables for leaks and sanitize them from the effects of their winter hibernation. Beverage holders must be sturdy, inflation proper, and the connection to the floating cooler intact. The floating I pod must be loaded with fresh sounds of contemplation and pool lights clean and colorful to enhance the psychedelic effects of the night. The chaise lounges placed capturing the full effect of the days sun as well as the days sun screen. The power of natural drying will take place while reading the latest publications. All this and more will contribute to the peace and tranquility of Walden Pool...ONCE WE GET THE DAMN THING UP!

It won't be long and 1430 will begin it's coverage of Ames High Little Cyclone Baseball and Softball home games.