Left to Starve

We are slowly being left to starve or at least drive further to satisfy our cravings. I continue on my quest to eat better but once in a while allow myself a deviation as an unearned reward but some of my favorite flavors are leaving town. the Colonel has packed his secret recipe, never will we know the 17 spices in the secret ingredients. The one legged Pirate has taken his fish and hushpuppies to other harbors long ago. Mr. Brueger has taken those wonderful sink your teeth into and fight Bagels to more appreciative areas. The cardiac testing flavors of Hardee's left long ago never to return. Luckily as we grieve these losses we have plenty of mattress stores to lay down in and cry while eating a slice of pizza from one of the over 20 purveyors located in the city.

Join me this morning at 915 am as we talk with the folks from National Geographic about the rise of interest in genealogy.