It has been a long road and I have been only a passenger, my wife will soon be receiving her Doctorate in Psychology. it's been over 4 years since she stepped on this path and unbelievable amounts of research and time, but she's there, only her defense is left. I have so much admiration for her dedication not only to her education but her occupation not to mention a soon to be married daughter and whiny husband. If you think I'm bragging, I am, I admittedly kept pushing her forward sometimes feeling guilty for all she took on and the many moments of frustration she has faced. The woman I married has come so far and achieved so much it makes me wonder how she was so dumb to take me as her husband, I truly have married above my station in life and am so thankful for her and what she's given and continues to give me in life. CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS, but really "Dr. Honey?" isn't that overdoing it a little?

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