Just a short note this morning as I sit here at 4:30 am. I just finished getting up to speed on your postings when I once again ran across one of the numerous postings of our service people surprising a loved one,  once again I am wiping at my eyes. Regardless of all the political crap that's transpiring in Washington we must always remember the sacrifice that is made by those who have served, presently serve and will come to the call in the future. I find very little to respect with most present day politicians, but never doubt the indebtedness I feel toward the Men and Women who put their lives on the line for Democracy and the pride and sacrifice of their families. Bless and keep them all safe.

I'll be at the Senior Expo at the Quality Inn and Suites on East 13th in Ames from 7:30a to 11 am Tomorrow Broadcasting Live. I'll look forward to seeing you.