As much as I like sharing experiences with you this weekend I plan on having some. My son Shad has a Birthday on Cenco De Mayo so we'll get together tomorrow morning at the Meadows for breakfast with the rest of the family. Then we'll head up stairs to make our Derby picks where we'll meet up with the spirits of my brothers Joe and Dave, we will use the ritual words of "I don't know what do you think?" Then we'll cover our sheets so as not to divulge our picks to the throngs looking to feed off our years of success. Quietly we will place our bets so as to make the person at the betting window say "WHAT!" several times. I will turn and proceed with my best colonel walk and await the results that afternoon while enjoying a couple of juleps. The rest of the weekend it's 'Whatever time. Enjoy yours!

Tuesday I will be broadcasting at the Senior Expo at the Quality Inn and Suites on East 13th in Ames from 7:30 to 10am.  Sponsored by Bethany Life ,stop by and say hello, would love to see you.