The Time Machine

Some days when I take time to stop I look around and feel like Fred Flintstone in a Jetson's World. You begin to realize you've been traveling in the slow time machine called life. Let me correct that, it'starts off slow because as children  we have few expectations but so many goals to reach, as we get older the machine speeds up exponentially and we often lament those paths we didn't take. We also  establish what's really important in life and it isn't the size of your house, what's sitting in your garage or how big your bank account. It's those other living beings that surround your life and will some day be your legacy. While the world seems to be picking up speed in so many ways sometimes you just need to put it on pause to enjoy what surrounds you there is only so much time. We live in exciting and difficult times, but it's always been that way only the challenges change. I'm going to read this 10 years from now then 10 years after that I'll have someone read it to me. As for life, let's keep rolling, I'm loving the trip and as my buddy Fred would say "Yabba Dabba Doo!

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