Curb Shopping

Ahhh the migration home begins and ISU students begin divesting themselves of must have Fall items that have become "I don't want to move it home" end of school year junk. If you're looking for something fun to do, Cruise the west side of Ames and check out the "land of abandoned items" that are sitting along the curbs. Many times you may find something of use for you or someone you know. I know of some professional garage saleists who are constantly cruising to replenish their inventory. You should also be aware of the Great wild life release program, in past years this has included Tarantula's, boa's, lizards and one pirahna in the fountain in front of the Memorial Union which nearly cost a maintenance worker a finger. You may also want to ready your camera's for the inventive ways things will be moved back home. Here's a tip, never follow a vehicle with hands out the window holding down a mattress, take it from a man who knows.

Last morning with the Breakfast Club at Northcrest Community, In May w'll move the Show to Lithia Nissan and Honda on South Duff with one show at the Special Olympics Iowa Summer Games. The Breakfast Club Friday Mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 am on 1430.