It's Like Riding a Bike

Spring urges one to do things not done for awhile, a spirit of adventure has once again enveloped my soul. Not that what I'm doing is new to me but it's shamefully been a few years and I'm a little apprehensive. I've fired up my other 2 wheel steed, the 250 speed bicycle, it really doesn't have that many gears but I forget how many it does, as far as that goes I've never shifted more than five. I've got it all cleaned up, tires aired, cushy seat and a Helmet. Now I'm the guy who rides his motorcycle without a helmet but do not hesitate one for the bicycle, I think the chances of falling are greater. I've learned it's better to wear it than go through the incessant scolding from wife and daughter. Hopefully by this weekend I will work up the courage to mount the "Red Devil". Today Brookside Park, next Ragbrai and then the Tour de France but first I'll need to get on it.

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