For years I have attempted to master the game of golf or at least to improve and as with everything some days are better than ever. I will admit to being self taught on an old course in Fort Des Moines. I didn't have enough money the to play the course so we would sneak in on one of the back holes and play what we could. I borrowed my brothers set of garage specials, you kow, buy a club here and buy a club there until you had something resembling a set, one of my friends included a 33" ball bat for those special need shots. Most the time we would play 3 or four holes, that was usually when we ran out of balls then off we would go in search of more. From those humble beginnings I was hooked (no pun intended). As time went on and things became affordable I eventually bought a nice set of clubs and took to playing 3 nights a week, got my handicap down to six. Having new clubs actually eliminated my penchant for throwing them and the tirade of profanities that followed. One of my buddies thought getting me a stencil kit to put my name on my golf balls, that was well and good until one evening we were coming up to one of the more difficult holes with a threesome approaching the green ahead of us. One Yelled to the other "What are you hitting?" the other replied "A #2 Crippen, what about you?", I'm playing a #4 Crippen." When I got home I threw the stencil away. My schedule got busy and golf got lost in the shuffle, I played a few times a year. I got so bad that I would tell my friends that I was saving money by driving by the course and throwing a dozen balls in the ditch and not paying greens fees. Well this is my year of rediscovering my frustration as I begin my assault on as many courses as possible, I know I won't hit as far but hopefully straight and can make up strokes with the putter. I've been practicing at home yelling "FORE!!!" every chance I get.

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