Zombie Invasion

It may appear that the zombie invasion begins this weekend, but please before you begin bashing in heads take a look these may be folks who you just haven't seen lately. They've been trapped in their homes for many month's seeking shelter from winter. Their limbs move stiffly because of the inability to move freely about the community. You may notice that they may seem to grunt and utter unintelligible sounds, this is due to communication with only family members and coworkers which tends to cause one to develop a kind of "English Shorthand". Their skin will appear pale and their eyes glazed from months of having rhetoric pounded down their throats on social networks by righteous and all knowing "Political Experts". They yearn only to breathe freely, to explore what they've been denied and reacquaint themselves with the pleasures and sensations of Spring. If their zombie like behavior lasts more than a day, I suggest you run or bash away hopefully with that golf club or tennis racket you've just taken out.  Have a GREAT WEEKEND.

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