The Burden

I was just thinking about our status in life, when we're born we are referred to as blessings but when we get older our worry is about being a burden. Where is the transition point we cross in life from one to the other. Is it chronological, physical or a state of mind? Barbra Bushes noble passing reminded me of this, I think it's the way most of us would like to depart this earthly plain. Another great lady taught me nobility in death, my mother. Her last day was spent in and out of consciousness but every time she woke she tried to make those in the room smile. Awaiting my other brother's arrival I stood at her bedside holding her hand, after about 2 hours my younger brother Dave arrived, standing beside me mom awoke looked up and said "Mel could you let Dave hold my hand, I need a change of scenery" and fell back into unconsciousness. A few hours later as more family surrounded the bed, our priest arrived to give last rites. It was Ash Wednesday and he brought ashes to bless the rest of the family. As he worked his way around the room saying prayers and placing the ashes on our forehead he came to me, at that very moment my moms eyes opened wide as she yelled "OH MY GOD, don't put those ashes on him he'll burst into flames!" Those were the last words she spoke, a few hours later after my brother older brother Phil arrived from Wyoming she quietly passed surrounded by her sons. When I think of that day I smile instead of weep the joy she brought us through the toughest times continued through her death, she carried the burden of life but never was one. Her and Barbra Bush had a lot in common they carried themselves with love and dignity but most of all were "MOMS". REST IN PEACE.

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