Left Lane Losers

OK, we've all been there, enjoying a trip, sharing a conversation, listening to our favorite iHeart station, life is good. You're riding in the proper lane when you come upon some slower traffic. The car in front of you signals a change of lane to pass and you decide to follow their lead but something is wrong the car in front of you for some unexplainable reason decides they may be going a little fast and turn a normal passing situation into a 68 mph drag race. After a couple of miles of this they finally get past but do not return to the right lane to allow you to pass and show no indication of ever doing so. You do all the proper courteous things to indicate your intention, flashing your lights and as a last resort turn to a gentle blast of your horn, they cruise on evidently oblivious to your existence. Finally against all your attempts to do it right, you proceed to pass in the right lane at which annoyed at your impatience the vehicle you're passing matches your speed and attempts to pin you behind the next group of slower vehicles. There will be no retribution as they get off at the next exit and your left with a big bundle of road rage and God help any one who gets in your way the rest of your trip. At least a couple of states in the Northeast have recognized this and now fines $100 for any one they catch and a face a day in jail after 2. Last year they issued over 14,000 tickets, it seems to me, in my experience we could do that in one day.

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