Prepare Yourselves Iowans

I don't know if I can take it, all the grumbling and disappointment that will be expressed on social media abut the weather. We have the right as was once said by Mark Twain,  although actually attributed to his collaborator Dudley Warner who must have been an Iowan, "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything."  Let's face it, most of our opening remarks to each other have weather inferences. It's the I've got nothing to say but something to talk about subject. Cabin fever has spread to epidemic proportions and we revert to being children with our noses pressed against the window wishing we could go out to play. Well I suggest you get some coloring books and crayons, dust off your board games, grab a good book or see if you can get those old slot cars to make it around the track once without stopping. Perhaps if mankind has put more into learning to effect the weather rather than destroying the earth we would be in a happier place. Enjoy your weekend!

Rainy weekend ahead, let us make it brighter with the GREAT Weeked programming on 1430, Billy Kinder will take you Outdoors, Rudy Maxa discovers the world, Gary Sullivan get's your home in shape and Pet Talk is a must for you and Fluffy.