No Spring Game, What The..........

The Spring game for Iowa State has been canceled because of expected inclimate weather conditions and the fan is furious. I say fan because the interest in the spring game has always been minimal. It's a great way to spend a spring afternoon in great weather but let's be honest, none of us want to gather in 40+ degree weather in our rain gear to watch an inter squad game. This doesn't make you a fair weather fan, it just emphasizes your logic. Yes, I know it's a missed opportunity to practice your tailgating skills for next season, just supplement by holding an extra backyard outing for your friends. You haven't lost a dime the game was free and honestly may have saved the athletic department money by not damaging the playing field for a practice game. Perhaps digging into all your "Madden" video game will be enough to carry you through until Fall.

Sadly the Iowa State Spring Game has been cancelled but worry not, Sports Director Dave Sprau will keep you up on all the Cyclone news all year long on the home town station of the Cyclones...1430 KASI.


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