City Council considers rental cap

The Ames City Council Tuesday limited the scope of a proposed cap on rental properties.  After more than three hours of public testimony and debate the council directed staff to investigate a 25 percent rental ratio in the South Campus Area, College Creek-Old Ames Middle School and Oak to Riverside neighborhoods. At-large Council Member Amber Corrieri suggested reducing the number of neighborhoods under the cap as way to gather data she says has been missing from the discussion. Steven Ringlee spoke for the cap, saying his South Campus Area nieghborhood's becoming less and less diverse, while Misty Metshke was one of 11 Ames realtors speaking against it, saying the council's trying to solve the wrong problem. She says the bad behavior of renters can be controlled through stricter law enforcement and tougher zoning laws--not my limiting the number of renters in a neighborhood.  The city council will take up a revised rental occupancy ordinance at it's April 24th meeting.