Why do I do it?

Adult Slow Pitch Softball will be starting in a few weeks and I have once again signed up to put on the "Blue" and administer justice and fair play not to mention sportsmanship on the fields of competition in L.A. "Lovely Ames".  I played on teams up until the age of 59 when my options gave out and I was forced into retirement, I began umpiring about 5 years before that. Why, many players asked, did you go to the other side? I always respond "My eyes were going bad and this seemed like the logical move". In these years I have been threatened, yelled at, and called any thing but human yet I continue because those are the exceptions and always come in the heat of competition. These players have also become good friends, I've met their families, watched their kids grow up and often been fed when they have cookouts. I laugh when some of them complain about getting too old when they're in their 30's and 40's. In the end, even after we have butted heads on the field it's not unusual to have them come over and apologize as we seal the deal with a handshake. I umpire because it gives me the opportunity to be with old friends and meet new ones,  I can't think of a better way to spend my summer evenings. Oh yeah they also pay me!

I have to admit when I'm not listening to 1430 KASI, I'm enjoying the great sounds of NOW 105.1 playing the music of the 90's to NOW, another iHeart station!