The Beginning of VEISHEA'S Demise?

Good Morning, I attribute this look back to Classmate and Brother Dwain Baker as he jogs my memory. I'm a little frightened that some of my clandestine adventures are now coming to light. In high school I was always that quiet introverted shadow in the hallways humbled by the aura of intelligence and success that permeated my classmates. In the Spring of 1964 5 young hoodlums looking for adventure on a Saturday and having seen the movie "Wild Ones" decided to reek havoc on the tiny city of Ames, Iowa during a little celebration called VEISHEA! Gathering at 7am to rent our choppers, 50cc Honda scooters we headed up Hwy 69 riding abreast and not allowing traffic past we sometimes hit top speeds of 45 mph down hill. Exhausted when we reached town we headed to the Dairy Queen across from Clyde Williams Stadium and parked our "steel steeds" hoping to impress some of the college girls and get a cone. Success having eluded our rough hewn charms we decided to tour the area. Wanting to leave a lasting impression, one of our gang revved up his bike attempting a wheelie only to hit one of the parked cars before his wheel left the ground. Being tied by blood, the rest of us scattered to let him fend for himself. Eventually he rejoined us and not much later we attracted the attention of the "Pigs" who tersely admonished us "Hey fella's we want you to enjoy VEISHEA but you must ride single file for your safety" Knowing we were marked men we decided to head back to Gotham, defiantly riding side by side unless we spotted a cop. The trip back was uneventful except every few miles one of the "Iron Horses" broke down and we had to leave a comrade behind. In the end I was the only one to make it back to the rental shop and even then I had to push the bike the last 2 blocks. When asked where the other 4 were I told them to head North on 69 and they'd find them then hurriedly took off. I believe I am the last survivor of the expedition.  In closing I must say I'm amazed VEISHEA was held for so many years after our invasion in 1964.

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