Driving as Part of Life

Do you remember how excited you were to get your drivers license, a sense of new found restricted freedom. In my case it was longer than my friends as I was the youngest of the group. My dad quickly explained to me that once I had my license I better plan on buying a car, I wasn't going to be "Picking up chicks and carousing with my buddy's in the Baby Blue '62 Ford Fairlane 500 4 door. I scrimped and saved all summer knowing August was my deadline finally after I had accrued a small fortune, $125, I found a 1950 Ford Coupe flathead v8 with a floor shifter conversion, it was hot! Unbeknownst to me my dad and great Uncle had already purchased me a 1951 6 cylinder Chevy 4 door Business Sedan, complete with sunshades over each window and a newly installed gas governor that would not allow it to exceed 35 mph, thanks Dad. My 1st experience in auto mechanics was learn how to expeditiously remove a gas governor and return it to original condition before I came home each night. She was a dull army green which was quicky remedied with 22 cans of flat black paint a younger brother and 2 friends, of course the final touch was a broad silver racing stripe down the entire middle of the car. The wheels were brilliant examples of half fluorescent green and orange paint, all this being done on a week my dad was at a union convention in Kansas City. I quickly learned to snap shift the 3 on a tree, burning rubber on the take off and grabbing some 2nd gear chirp on the shift. She was far from the best car at school but she was mine. Further adventures coming down the road...Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

Each morning as I pull my thoughts (few as they are) I listen to NOW 105.1 FM, It's 90's Music to now. As an old curmudgeon it get's me up and going in the morning, give it a try it's another iHeart Station!