The Book of my Life

Many people have asked me over the years whether I had ever thought about writing a book of my experiences. The thought had never crossed my mind as I was to busy living life rather than remembering it. I still hold that thought to this day except a couple of years ago I began noting, what I considered to be, a little more unusual incidents and opportunities I've had over the years. Yesterday I began note book 3 of a yet to be determined number. It reminded me of a couple of things, how lucky I am to be alive, and the good fortune of being surrounded by people much greater than I. You suddenly realize that you are actually such a small part of your own life and decisions made are often steered by the environment and the people who surround you at any given time. The book is in the works but in no way can I estimate a time line nor do I want to. I am extensively researching Statute of Limitation laws to protect those who now live credible, decent lives. The creation of names so as not to give away some participants in these adventures is fun. Thank goodness the ending has not been written because I'm not ruling out furter life "experiments", you might be a part of them. the safest way for me to publish may be posthumously. If a movie was made from it I'm sure it would be animated by Pixar with a revival of the character "Goofy" playing the lead.

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