The Yearly Sacrifice

It happens this Friday, "The Iowa State Greek Polar Plunge" raising money for Special Olympics Iowa. I was among the charter members of "Celebrities" taking the first one so many years ago and the last of that group to plunge 14 years later. It was the one thing I dreaded all those years, plunging my body into the frigid Lake Laverne with the water temperature often in the 30's or low forties. Stepping out with a coating of stinking grey sludge all over your legs that took 3 showers to wash off and the the inspection following to make sure your body had all the parts you took in. Riding home on the tailgate of our Jeep and Chris running to the garbage can with all the clothes I was wearing. I also remember the admonishment from the University for inferring the lake was a bit unclean and begging the weekend student partiers to continue to urinate in it to make the water warm. A diving team went in before the event and removed Bicycles, a washer, food trays and other assorted items. I was also guilty of spreading the rumor they had found Jimmy Hoffa's body. May I add that the university has invested a lot of time and money cleaning it up to it's present, serene beauty. Now that it's been cleaned up the event is no longer held there and this year will be held in an above ground pool Friday from 4-9pm at the Greek Triangle on Central Campus. I assure you it will be cold but that will not dampen the spirits of the participants. Last year they raised over $370,000. Yes I dreaded it every year but the pain was worth it and the pay back came a couple of month's later as I broadcast from the Special Olympics Iowa Summer Games, those smiles and hugs were priceless.

April 14th is coming soon and you'll find your cure for Cyclone Football Fever on 1430 KASI as we will broadcast the the Iowa State Spring Game.