Do What's Right

Today we vote on whether to build a new High School and additions on Elementaries, by now you've had time to study the issues and I need not lay them before you. I will, though, encourage you to vote "YES".  Security and infrastructure are just a part of the reason but also pride in giving our young people the very best in facilities in which to learn. The old school has served us well but has become a patchwork quilt environment in which to learn. The school is also a billboard proclaiming our pride beyond the athletic field for all those who come to compete. One of the great concerns of those considering a move to Ames is the quality of education, seeing the new high school will tell them this community invests not only academically but in creating the best physical learning environment for our students and educators. With all the cuts coming both federally and statewide let us show that we in our community stand strong for our young people...Vote yes and just as importantly VOTE!

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