Easter Flashback

Alright boy's line up, Easter inspection time! First came the Mom inspection, tugging here, pulling there, re buttoning a shirt that was off a hole, making sure socks matched, shoes were tied and polished, when ties were worn they were properly knotted, hair combed and faces looked properly reverent. Quarters were handed out for the collection basket and warnings passed out about the sometimes attempted fake drop. An orderly march was made to the car where Dad waited sitting in his customary jeans and work shirt to take and pick us up from St. Anthony's where mom would profusely pray for his heathen soul. The night before my little brother and I would plan to force the 9:30 much faster low mass rather than the much longer 11am high mass. We also mourned the switch over from Latin to English, the Latin seemed to expedite the services even more. The receiving of communion was a perfectly orchestrated and choreographed march to the front of the church, slow and purposely allowing all to see that despite adversity my mom had managed to keep those hooligans she was raising immersed in Catholicism. Our halo's shone brightly just above the horns hidden below our perfectly combed hair. After the final Amen we would head outside to meet dad who was being entertained watching the men who, a few moments ago, were uttering the Lord's Prayer hurling profanities at each other trying to get out of God's Parking Lot. 

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