Simple Man, Simple Mind

AHHH for the energy and ambition of youth. The opportunity to again be bullet proof with dreams that spread to infinity. It's how it should be, the horizon endless, where daylight brings opportunity and night time a chance to play. A time of discovery both personally and of the world that surrounds us. A time of building, character, relationships, goals, families and careers. I can only imagine the challenges that lie before them as now I become more of an observer. I assure you I will never deny you an apple from my tree, a shortcut through my yard or turn my dog loose on you. I want success and happiness to be the biggest part of your life and would not impede in any way. I've learned that it takes time for the experience and wisdom we try to share to come to light further down life's road. Just remember behind those cranky faces that are driving so slow in front of you there's admiration and wishes for the best and a smile you can't see as we struggle to look over the dashboard. These are the thoughts of a simple man with a simple mind.

Just a reminder that in this Sports lull we'll be keeping you up on all the off season happenings with the Iowa State Cyclones and Ames High Sports...Cyclones big and little we cover them all!