Musical Time Machine is Working

As I began work this morning I channeled over to our FM station NOW 105.1 for background music. I'm not sure I'm legally allowed to listen being 70 but it's 4am and who's watching, besides I like what I hear. I've never followed in the trend of generations before me in criticizing what "you kids" are listening to. We all heard it growing up, "You call that music, you call that dancing?" How many times do you recall the chaperones at a school dance warning you about certain gyrations. It's kind of funny, if I'm out of the room and here the instrumental introduction to a song it sometimes has me singing a tune from my era because of the similarities. A little Manfred Mann, Kinks and Led Zeppelin never hurt any body, sprinkled with some Joplin and Grateful Dead I'm good for the day.  I wonder if my grandpa was ever grounded for listening to that Sousa kid?

Mark your calendars for next month as 1430 will have a special Cyclone Tailgate Show 2 hours before the Spring Game!