News Lite Please

My name is Mel and I am addicted to news, the response is "Hi Mel, we're addicted too.". Since the inception of 24 hour "news" channels some of us wake up and go to bed with the news, don't! Many years ago, you know, the often referred to "good old days", news was special, less slanted, more objective and quite frankly not as available. At our house we knew at 6pm we would be watching either Russ Van Dyke or Jack Shelley depending on which parent got to the television 1st. This scenario was repeated at 10pm. The national choices were Huntley Brinkley or Cronkite, this again was a subject of discussion as to who was better. The stories were concise and accurate offering more facts and less opinion. They came in small doses, just enough to make you feel knowledgeable, inquisitive and the sense of being well informed. Do you ever wonder how they were able to wrap it all into 30 minute doses when now it's 24 hours a day. Yes, it was a simpler time, a time where we spent more time enjoying life than worrying about it. I guess that is my prescription for all of us, watch 2 newscasts a day but don't call me in the morning, I'll be sleeping!

I'm off to the Breakfast Club this morning and every Friday morning at 7:30am to a business in our area promoting upcoming Community events. The month of March we're at Lithia Honda and in April, Northcrest Community. Stop by and have a coffee or listen in on 1430.