Facing Face Book

Do you remember when Face Book offered you the opportunity to meet with old friends, catch up on things that have happened over the years and reestablish friendships as well as make new friends through connections with others. Well those days are gone all the love has been blown away by those who would use it as a platform to spread their politics, force their beliefs on others and demean them if they disagree.  It's used as a bully pulpit, and becomes ineffective and dangerous because it is subject to misinterpretation in the way it is perceived by each individual reader and the mood they're in. Finally, we are addicted, you can deny it to no avail because the bottom line is we don't want to lose those friends we found from so many years ago and for many it's the only social and outside contact that's convenient. Now we find that fifty million of us have been victimized by a political entity using our information to invade our lives in a sort of mind control. There are several solutions being offered but as I read each one of them it feels like we're closing the barn door after the horse has run away. Hopefully Mr. Zuckerburg and friends will find a solution as I believe the original intent was honorable but unfortunately too trusting.

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