Anxiety Attacks

First day of Spring rolls in and many of us hope there's a switch Mother Nature will throw that will have us slipping down the street throwing daisies singing tra la la la la, Spring has sprung. Not so, Mother nature is a fickled spirit that constantly reminds us that nothing is constant and who's in control. Dare you trade that snow shovel for a garden spade, move that snowblower to the back and the lawnmower forward and trade the sled for the bicycle. Tis not to be so, it's a mixed bag ahead and all we can do is watch and wait, remember Spring only marks the vernal equinox, equal portions of day and night, the rest is in Mother Natures hands.

I'm holding tight to a "Grand In My hand" You'll have 16 chances a day to shake it out between 5am to 8pm by texting the correct word to 200-200. Good Luck!