I'm a bit jealous of all those folks who get a Spring break. It's timing is perfect as we come out of the dregs of winter into the freshness and rejuvenating spirit of spring. I don't remember having a spring break in grades K-12. With both my parents working it would have been more of a hassle to find a way to keep the juveniles from going delinquent. Any time we did get time off it would be with Grandma Crippen, better known as the "Vacation Warden". She knew every move we made and being English by birth, held to a 3pm check in every day for tea and vanilla wafers. She need do nothing to enforce her rule, she just gave us that sweet "You wouldn't want to do anything to hurt grandma" look, because she knew that's something we would never do. Any spring breaks I had in college were usually spent grabbing extra hours working so I could afford another quarter and eventually semester. When I did get away, I usually traveled by thumb and stayed with relatives or friends. It was always interesting and sometimes a little frightening depending on who your guest driver was at the time. Oh well back to work, they don't pay me for dreaming, well in my job maybe a little bit.

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