Done and Done

It was a long season for both Iowa State Basketball teams and now it's done, no post season and as fans we're not used to that. On the other hand we are sports savvy and knew there were going to be challenges and obstacles to overcome. Patience is part of being a Cyclone fan, just look at the years of disappointment in our football program, yet when you counted the heads in Jack Trice Stadium it was almost always sold out. If I threw a "wait until next year" at you, how do you feel? I'm totally positive, now remember this comes from a man who cannot ever pick against the Cyclones. From what I've seen and what's coming in 2018-2019 may be one of the best athletic years ever. If you need a reminder of what winning is about think Volleyball, Gymnastics, Golf, and Track not to mention the other sports that are showing vast improvement. Now if you want to see a much improved team plan on getting to some Iowa State Softball their season looks promising and fan support will definitely give them a boost and Spring Football is only a month away.

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