Thus it Begins

The Big 12 Tournament begins today and this will be the third year I attend vicariously from the Studio. Sports Director Dave Sprau will join me every day by telephone to remind me and our listeners of what we're missing. Up until 3 years ago I had gone 35 years straight in various broadcast capacities and yes that does go back to the days of the Big 8. Many of those years I worked both radio and television putting in some 17 plus hour days, running on pure adrenalin. Kansas City is a wonderful place for this tournament and actually quite traditional, the couple of years in Dallas was nice and Oklahoma City did an excellent job but try as they did they could not equal the warmness and hospitality of K.C. especially those fans from Iowa State, we affectionately called Kuemper and now the Sprint Center "Hilton South". This year is an off year for the Cyclones but we still hold out hope for success in the Big 12 and I'm confident next year we'll own it. If you're planning the trip enjoy all K.C. has to offer, win or lose it will be a great time.

Join Dave Sprau as he comes to you "Live" at 6am on the Mel in the Morning Show from the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City!