Everybody In The Pool

Well the Conference Tournaments all start happening through the next week and the man caves will be filled with talk of the NCAA Tournament. Armchair coaches and analysts will be sharing their wisdom with those less astute in the world of wagering the information to fill out the perfect pool sheets that will be coming your way. Armed with what you’re sure will be exclusive inside tips, you will take the 30 minutes to carefully fill out your brackets and await the fortune that is sure to give you the power of gloating at the end of the tournament. Just for fun this year, give brackets to your kids or grandkids that are old enough to read, don’t help them in any manner other than fill this out. I think you’ll be surprised at how well they do. I’ve always said ann intelligent monkey has as good a chance “Damn Dirty Apes”….let the “Trail of Tears” begin accompanied by the sounds of shredded brackets.