Spooky Stuff

I’m not big into what appears to be unexplainable although I was often told my Grandma Crippen was a medium. (I’ve always been an extra large) She did have an uncanny ability of knowing more than what you thought she should and had a few tricks that defied gravity. We have, on occasion, thought we saw her visage near a buffet she cherished, she passed nearly 58 years ago. All this being said what I’m about to share is beyond belief. Many years ago I inherited an antique dresser while living in Des Moines. I was in very good condition except one of the antique handles was missing. I’ve moved several times since then but low and behold as I was looking for one of my tools yesterday, there on the table clearly in view was the matching handle. That handle was missing before I got the dresser so never was, to my knowledge, in my possession yet there it was. I am totally perplexed and can offer no explanation. Taking no chances I’m psychically sending a thank you to Grandma.