Some stuff on a Wednesday...

ICYMI--the "Trent Rice Show" podcast page is 100% up to date through Tuesday's show--you can find the goodness by hitting this link.  

Big ups to all of you who hit me on the Facey-space when I asked if you'd used YouTube as a tutorial on how ot fix something in your homes or cars.  I see you and all of your You are some resourcefulness...

We talked a bit about this yesterday:

News-types just love these "_____ is the best city for _____" stories. They're easy to write and can generate a lot of views to the 'ole company website. They also don't hurt if you're trying to polish the local chamber of commerce's apple.  That being said, imagine the reaction when a publication like U.S. News and World Reports does a "Iowa is the Bestest State in the Whole Dang Union" story.  Clutch the pearls, indeed.

It was heartening to see some push-back, especially when the report says the state is tops in infrastructure.  Lots and lots of people took to social media with comments like "how can a state where 50% of it's rural bridges are structually deficient be the best for infrastructure?"  Also on the infrastructure front, Iowa got high marks for it's "ultra-fast broadband internet access."  My friend Jeff Stein, who lives in rural Iowa, would heartily beg to differ on that.

Kudos to the Des Moines Register for coming fast with an editorial that says "Hey, Iowa...if you like that top ranking, here's a list of what NOT to do."  Pay close attention to the list of things that are already in the works.  

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