I Only Have Ice for You

I know as Iwans we are spected to be hearty souls because #1 we’re hicks and secondly we ain’t got that much skoolin’. Every 4 years we manage to screw up the presidential race with our doggone caucuses. One thing we do perty well is throw a darned good State Fair, they even did a moosical about it. Some of our fellow ‘Mericans think we may be on the edge of nuts as we face such crazy weather, last coupla days might prove that, rain, snow, wintry mix and Ice. Ice is no ones friend unless it’s cooling down a jug of our corn licker. Looks like we may be in fer a littl’ more, but we can handle her, after all we is Iwans and there ain’t nothin’ can slow us down…well ceptin fer ice. Be careful out there.