Keep Your Thoughts and Prayers Congress…DO SOMETHING!

Just Another High School shooting, no big deal, it happens all the time. Then damn it why am I sitting here with tears running down my face, tears of sympathy, anger and frustration. Wolf Blitzer just said it succinctly, unusual for him, "We hope a lesson will be learned but it won't" A CNN professional consultant just broke down in tears and couldn't finish the interview. Legislator after legislator confesses that nothing of substance has been done on Capitol Hill to TRY to prevent this from happening again. They couldn't even make the "Bump Stock" which aided in the murder of 58 people and scores of others injured and wounded illegal. Remember "guns don't kill, people do" guns just seem to be their preferable weapon and right now almost anyone can get them. I don't have the answer, but I know something needs to be done and it needs to begin in Washington D.C.. I'll try and save some of my rage for the next shooting that's bound to happen soon, maybe in your school, I pray not.