What If?

Can I tell you how much I despise the use of “Bucket List” that infers someday we will die and we all know that’s something that other people to do. I prefer “Wish List”, there’s something a little more appealing to making a wish come true rather than a before I die concept. Granted, this is but one man’s opinion, but when I hear 12 year olds talking about a bucket list it saddens me, conversely when someone my age refers to one I feel a bit rushed. Folks my age have a tendency to have a “What If List”, you know, the fork in the road decisions that affected our lives. My measure of value is more not how I got here but am I happy where I am? Adventures happen all through life just at different levels, I always told my kids “ It’s not the what if’s but the I did’s that count in life”. My soap box is feeling slippery, time to quit talking and get to doing. Enjoy your day!