Hello, Hello…

Interesting research has been done recently establishing there is a bigger epidemic than the opioid addiction. It has touched millions of lives and continues every day, you may even be a victim. It’s called Cellphonitis, that is the need to pick up your cell phone and check it every time it beckons you. No matter what you are doing you will stop to see what emergency needs your attention, like someone’s new puppy, or where Bobby and the girls are eating etc… The rest of the world be damned you’ve got to check it out. Just to let you know this is not the ”Progress Battling Curmudgeon” complaining again but members of the scientific and medical community. Some of the symptoms are: Checking it even if it didn’t vibrate or ring, using it to vent anxiety and depression, extreme anger when unable to obtain a signal just to name a few.  Physically: Eye strain, blurred vision, tech neck, car accidents, not to mention how unsanitary they are exposing you to several other serious diseases as well as the possibility of infertility. It can cause sleep disorders, anxiety attacks, disrupt relationships and threaten your employment. The fact is that 97% of Americans own cell phones and of those 67% are believed to be addicted…ARE YOU?


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