Memory Challenge

I will proudly be attending my High School Class of  ’65 Winter Reunion next Saturday in Des Moines. A wonderful thing happened as we were all turning 65 a few years back as some of my intellectually blessed classmates thought “Why wait until 50 years to get together let’s do it when we all turn 65”. It was very well attended and we discovered something, we still very much cared about each other. Dinner and Coffee klatches were formed on a regular basis, open to all. Another well established genius developed a face book site even before we turned 65 helping us rediscover each other and laboriously keeps it up. Well now many of us will again get together and I’ve been ask to do a little reminiscing during it. I have so many great memories but my filing system is in disarray, I have never worked from a script. So let those attending be warned place me toward the end, as with my short standup career in the 60’s and 70’s, I sure know how to clear a room.