Plumb Loco

The weekends quest had been determined! The saga of the slow running sink will come to an end. It's amazing what a couple of days of brushing your teeth and spitting in the toilet will do (NO WE DIDN"T DIP OUR BRUSHES IN THE TOILETWATER!). I got the official "We are fixing the drain this afternoon when I get home, BE THERE!" order. I offered to begin the task immediately and was told in no uncertain terms, NO, and that the plumbers snake might be traveling up another opening if I do. Planning to prepare by buying us both a pair of low cut plumbers pants coupled with a ride up t-shirt for the professional look, luckily we both have perfected the proper profanity over the years to complete the job. We were surprised to discover a Life Alert button for our plumber. Realizing my place in this attempt I will follow the commands of my leader hopefully fulfilling my apprenticeship as a "Screw Up" into Professional Screw up. Today I may again regret never taking swimming lessons.