Sink update: No one was injured except for my feelings when my wife explains everything she's doing slowly as if I'm 6 years old. That's ok, I haven't sucked my thumb for years and must admit it tastes the same but much like an old grape it's a little wrinklier. I was soon relegated to the waiting room while the surgery continued and only allowed to ask the condition as "Dr. Plumber" searched for another tool to continue the operation. I could hear the life giving drone of the snake as it began it's journey through the pipe and the frustration of "Drain Damn You...Drain!". I drove us to Lowes "Clinic" where we picked up some new innards and drove home quickly as if delivering a life saving heart or kidney. She took them inside as once again I was denied admittance. About 15 minutes later she emerged removing the Liquid Plumber stained rubber gloves and wiping the sweat from her brow. "Give it a try" she said. Real plumber comes Friday.