Ground Hog Day

It’s that one day of the year when we depend on a furry disgusting rodent to forecast our future in weather. It is not a national holiday, in fact go to work late and see how the boss accepts the excuse “ I was waiting to see if Puxatawney Phil the XIV saw his shadow!”.  There are at least 6 animals across the world that make weather predictions, from ants to elephants. Phil, (we’re close friends) is right about 39% of the time depending where you live, Grandpa’s arthritis has a better record, flipping a coin will get you to 50%. Having a filthy, biting, garden eating rodent predict the weather is a bit crazy besides the meteorologists are coming closer, they’re at 36%. I’m not saying groundhogs are completely useless after all there is Country Style Groundhog, Asian Groundhog, Waco- Style Groundhog in Sour Cream and Groundhog and Sweet Potatos, I’m seriously told it tastes like chicken, I’ll have to take their word. If it tastes like chicken why not eat chicken, I’m told the Poultry predictions are up to 41%. Have a great Groundhog Day, I think there’s some snow on it’s way, my corns are aching.