How easy has life become since I first walked this earth, which was about 2 years after I was born, I was and am a bit of a slow learner. Sitting in my electric “Command Center Lounger” I decided to see how many things I could control without getting up. My trusty cell phone by my side, to confirm any North Korean launches towards Iowa, I picked up the master control instrument and put it through it’s paces. Television and satellite dish on running through the menu of about 300 stations, nothing to see here. Home theater on, perhaps enhancing the audio will help, nothing to hear here. Turn on the stereo, a little music as I continue on, I go on line searching out other diversions….BOOORING. Maybe I’ll go to war on my Playstation 3 or four,  my Xbox 360 or my Wii , naah, Universal domination is no challenge. Time for a security check, running through home security camera’s, all clear. Did I lock the car, push remote and confirmed with a honk out doors. Ask Echo a random question, whew, I’m hungry, Echo, I need a sandwich and a cold drink. Echo “Chris, Mel needs a sandwich and cold drink” no response. I guess this is what you call a Mel function…Have a GREAT DAY!