That's Entertainment?

Perusing through the channel’s, which is a man’s given right unless the wife hides the remote, I’m a bit appalled at what some people call entertainment. Watching a 600 pound person struggle to lose weight, another soul that lives amongst the trash of hoarding, A chubby little girl and her mother switch starring role’s after mom lost weight, bachelor’s, bachlorettes, angry brides and to much more to name. Programs that are 30 minute commercials that tell you you’re ugly, overweight, you pee too much, it’s shameful to be bald, your vacuum sucks but not enough, those wrinkles of experience need to go, 100 exercise machines that make it feel like you’re not exercising, not to mention cooking devices galore. It’s all there right before your eyes but best of all you’re paying for it. The next reality show will be “People Addicted to Misery”.