The Big C

As many of you are aware, I have cancer, well today is the beginning of my treatments and I must admit I’m pretty calm and anxious to whoop up on this disease that has taken so many friends and relatives from me. What kind of cancer you may ask, Prostate, it’s the one cancer if I were given a menu to choose from, would be my pick. I have been surprised as to how many of my friends have struggled and continue to struggle with it, some for as many as 20 years. They have been inspirational in their support as well as so many of you.  The bright news is that it is in a fairly early stage and I’ve got some great Doctors with excellent facilities. There has been criticism, I guess I am not taking this serious enough, I assure you I am, but I have never been a doom and gloom person and quite frankly this is out of my hands. For once I’m going to do what I’m told until we get it whipped. To lift my spirits the doctors have told me that at my age there’s a better chance something else will kill me before cancer, wait, you mean I have vulnerability? It’s kind of exciting, going on a ride I’ve never taken before, let’s look at it as an adventure, one of the roller coasters of life, hands in the air, here we go! Oh and did I mention, I always have and I always will HATE CANCER!