Planning a Wedding at 70

I have to admit never in my life did I plan on planning a wedding at my age, maybe planning is not correct, but observing my wife and daughter making wedding plans. I actually stay pretty silent and feel my wallet vibrate on every word. I try to be supportive and encouraging but in the back of my head thinking she didn’t even give spinsterhood a good chance. They’ve managed to keep the guest list below 400, damn her good personality. As they begin planning the food, I supportively brought in a sample platter of my many creative uses of cold meat and peanut butter sandwiches as well as several Betty Crocker and Duncan Hine’s Cakes I felt I could make. It’s as if they’d gone deaf, uttering encouragement for me to leave the room in unlady like vocabulary. rather than a Limousine, I suggested perhaps walking to the reception to allow the many well wisher’s along the way an opportunity to congratulate them. Finally, with best intentions, I held up my Smart Phone to demonstrate what wonderful pictures it took, the door then slammed in my face. Relegated to another part of the house or better yet the great outdoors, I wonder what wedding bells sound like for me it’s “Ka ching, Ka ching”