Together Again

As much as I knock social media, especially when it involves politics and yes I’ve been sucked into those no win for anyone debates that only time will prove out. I must admit I deeply appreciate the opportunity it has given me and my Abraham Lincoln class of 1965  a chance to reunite, not just once but frequently in the last 5 years. Age is the great equalizer and at this point in our lives we began to realize how important these long ago friendships were in our lives. Many weekly and monthly get togethers are attended by some but every once in awhile we go for as many of the gang as we can get. February 17th we’re having a winter reunion and although a few more chairs will be empty I cherish the ones that aren’t. Our relationships from so many years ago have changed in focus but not in the way the bond of caring has always kept us together. “We are Railsplitters, couldn’t be prouder” but more importantly a very special family of friends.