Time Travel

The shock just hit me! As I perused the beautiful Christmas pictures you have posted I looked beyond the main focus and observed the background. At what point did we end up living in our parents and grandparents houses. I'm not talking literally but I'm pretty sure the years have slowly transitioned our youthful environments into ones we marveled at as children growing up. The walls are filled with pictures of a lifetime. Millions of dollars in knick knacks we bought because they were perty or part of a must have obsession developed years ago. One can only guess at the years of epicurean delights prepared that have seasoned the air with a scent exclusive to your domain. One in which you could walk any of your grandchildren into blindfolded and they would know where they were. This is not a critique, it is recognition that for as much as things have changed some things never do nor would we want them to. Though all of them have their own special personalities, it's just that warm, comfortable, familiar place we lovingly call "HOME".