Feeling The Spirit

I arose, as always, around 3:30 this morning and quietly moved about the darkened house. I let the dog out, took my meds, started coffee then moved to my reclining meditation and contemplation chair. I found my mood a bit somber thinking about all that surrounds our lives these days when the obvious struck me, it's the Holiday Season and it's still dark. Rose out of my chair with out creating a clatter that might wake up Chris to see what was the matter. Grabbed my coat and headed to the 4 wheel sleigh to drive around and peruse the lights and decorations put up by my friends and neighbors through out the city. Normally I'm a bit of a Scrooge but I can assure you I've gotten an early cure. Thanks to all who have taken the time and effort to share their joy with us this Holiday season. I caution my family that although Scrooge has been tamed I still have no desire to shop. As I now enjoy another beautiful, priceless Iowa sunrise, sip my cup of coffee and think of all of you who have and continue to share my life.