Upon Further Review

Good Morning All! Spent my first 2 hours catching up on what you were up to in the last couple of days. Looks like most had a very special holiday. I do appreciate you sharing those times and loved ones with me. I must admit I was saddened by our Cyclone loss yesterday especially after I had discussed with my wife that "Tis a poor fan that lays a loss at the feet of the "Zebra's". After a number of new and creative expletives exploded from the mouth of this normally pious, observant and understanding fan, she suggested we might revisit that discussion after the game accompanied by video support and my acute analysis. She also suggested shutting the windows and adjusting my volume so as to protect the ears of the neighbors grandchildren. "Upon further review" I have just finished a petition to perhaps allow the officials to use pine tar on their hands to prevent the unintentional dropping of flags. I predicted 5 possibly 6 wins this year, we got 7 and I got greedy. No matter how you look at it, it was nothing short of a miracle turn around in a year and the future looks bright ahead. Your toughest decision is, will I go to the Bowl this year, rather than the past few of, "Your side of the family or mine?". Thanks Cyclones for a FANtastic season, now let's go win that Bowl! Good luck to the Panthers and the Hawks in their post season, let the world know that Iowa produces only the best!